When Is It Time To Redecorate Your Home?

When Is It Time To Redecorate Your Home?

Giving your home an overhaul is a huge step to take since you are letting go of something familiar. Americans, not because of any specific reason, statistically redecorate their home every five years. While there is a protocol on how certain appliances are manufactured to serve its owners efficiently within a particular time frame, should home décor be seen in the same context?

According to design experts and professionals, here are signals that tell you that it is time to redecorate your home.

A growing family

An expanded family is a blessing as your house gets filled with mini-me’s. You may have decided that it is time to have an additional pet. Redecorating your home to give space for them is your responsibility. You want to provide a liveable space for everybody. It’s logic that when you start to have little crawlers (or a young playful canine), it’s not advisable to put out fragile décor anymore. You conform to needs instead of merely aesthetic. These demands may include safety and efficiency. It’s also advisable to allocate spaces for play, learning and rest.


Common areas such as the kitchen, living room and yard may all stay the same for a long time, but specific places should have constant redecoration to adapt to particular needs and functions. Nurseries eventually become rooms for toddlers, then primary schoolers, later to that of a teenager’s. No room interior should stay the same if that’s the case. While your home is indeed a sanctuary, bedrooms are where you charge up as a person. It’s a place for relaxation, and it’s a place where you generate ideas at the same time.

Expected function

A home’s vibe and flow of energy should not be limited. As trends emerge, redecorating your house to adapt is just as called for as you rediscover yourself. Embracing a healthy lifestyle may stir a want for a gym. You might be later interested in having a music room. Lounging in an entertainment setup that you rewarded yourself with may just be perfect with that lazy boy couch. Overall, it’s time to redecorate depending on how you want each room to function. Interior styling services can provide you with ideas on functionality and design if you are struggling with inspiration.

Safety purposes

If your kitchen ceiling’s paint is starting to crack and it tends to go in your food or dishes, take it as a sign that you need to make some changes. While you don’t have to redecorate everything, there’s inevitably a specific life span that you need to consider. Chandeliers, door hinges, deteriorating pipes, and faulty outlets are some of the things that need updating for safety purposes. If you need to have it changed, opt for something sustainable. If it comes in a trendy style, and you feel comfortable with the aesthetic outlook, why not go for it? You may also need to add CCTV for added security.

To have a different perspective

Room arrangements could draw inspiration and joy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete overhaul, but accents brought by décor, a different colour scheme or changes with the lighting could brighten up a room. All, in turn, could affect your mood for the better. Coastal home interiors can create a feeling of relaxation. Add a little bit of an artistic touch, a smart appliance or a living entity such as a plant or aquarium and see how you feel about it. It may just be the change that you didn’t know you needed.

To free your surroundings of anything old

Stained carpet, the smelly shower curtain and that garage door that somehow gets stuck each time; these are all signs that you need to redecorate your home. When you have a refreshing living environment, it’s always so good to get up in the morning. It makes you leave the house with vibrant energy. When you are done for the day, you are happy to go home to gain strength to get you charged up for yet another good start tomorrow.

There are a lot of reasons that may hold you back, such as costs, time and planning that redecorating may require from you. But working with an interior designer may help you out. As long as you are upfront about the design you want and the issues that hinder you from redecorating in the first place, a common ground could be set, allowing you to achieve satisfaction in the end.

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