Prevent Ants In Your Kitchen

Prevent Ants In Your Kitchen

Ants in the kitchen are generally difficult to eliminate. These small animals, although small in size, often cause great inconvenience to our lives. Although getting rid of ants in the kitchen may seem like a difficult task, it can be effectively removed if the correct method is used. The following is a collection for you. Please take a look at the following methods, which may help you in exterminating unwanted ant pests in your home.

Method 1: Remove The Traces Of Ant Activity

The ants in the front will leave traces that are only recognised by the ants in the back, so the ants will gather more and more. So you need to clean the traces of ant activity with dish soap. This will stop the occurrence of ants and sense of smell. To remove the traces of ant activity consider contacting a pest control service and say goodbye to future ants.

Method 2: Use Soap To Remove Places Where Ants Often Move

Wipe the surface where the ants move with soap. From time to time, wash away the ants sticking to the sponge with water. Until the ants are removed, and the traces are removed in the last area where the ants are active. You can also use a general detergent in a spray or bleach solution to treat the surface, and then wipe the ants on the surface with a paper towel.

Method 3: Use Vinegar To Clean The Place Where The Ants Move

Use vinegar to make a solution. Mix 1 part water and 1 part vinegar and pour into a spray bottle. Treat the surface with ants with this agent, and then wipe it with paper towels.

Method 4: Use A Vacuum Cleaner And Detergent

If there are too many, vacuum the ants. Sprinkle ants with sodium tetra-borate or diatomaceous earth, and then collect with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the surface of ant activity. Use a soap solution, all-purpose cleaner, or a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar.

Method 5: Use Bait To Kill Ants

The bait to trap ants is usually the most effective way. Place the bait where most ants are: water pipes, pantry, corners of workbenches. Do not spray mosquito repellent near the bait, as this will make the bait less attractive. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is a good idea to contact a pest control ant treatment service for effective ant bait and extermination.

Method 6: Remove Ants With Egg Shells

Put the eggshells on the stove and roast them yellow, not scorched, and then grind them into powder and sprinkle them on the places where ants often come and go. Because ants like to eat this kind of powder, they are swollen (poisoned) to death after eating. Soak 50-60 grams of shredded tobacco or tobacco bone meal in 500-600 grams of water for 2 days, and sprinkle the filtrate on the ant haunt. The ants will avoid the smell of smoke. After 2 days of sprinkling, the ants no longer appeared. Grind the Chinese fir charcoal into powder and sprinkle it on the feet of the counter or cupboard so that the ants will not dare to climb on the countertop or cupboard. Burn the useless paper to ashes and place it in a place where the ants are infested. The ants will eat and die soon.


Method 7: Chili Powder To Remove Ants

To deal with ants, sprinkle some chili powder on certain corners of the house, or plant pots of mint to get rid of them. Put some dried bay leaves in rice buckets and flour cans to prevent insects.

Method 8: Removing Ants From Washing Powder Solution

Dilute it with detergent and apply it directly on the route where ants often appear, let it dry naturally, and do not need to wipe it clean with water, which can also prevent the ants from re-entering!

Method 9: Poisoning Bait To Eliminate Ants

The best way to eradicate ant infestation is to use Poison bait traps. At present, most of the cockroach baits on the market also have the effect of attracting ants. The bait should be “fit for its own needs”, and it is best to choose a bait with both “high sugar” plant properties and “high protein” animal properties. Poison bait is best stored in a medicine bottle cap or small plastic box, placed in a place where ants often move, four or five piles per room. To avoid future troubles, the poison bait should be sprayed enough at a time, usually after 7 to 10 days, it will be effective.

Method 10: Boric Acid + Sugar Solution To Remove Ants

You can go to a western pharmacy to buy boric acid. Take a jar and add a little water and a little more sugar. The ratio is probably slightly sticky. Then pour in half a pack of boric acid and stir (boric acid is like sand insoluble in water. So you don’t need to stir it until it dissolves. Take unnecessary jars and divide them into several small jars. Each jar is just half a jar. Then wrap a piece of dry wood with a kitchen towel and insert it on the jar, and place it in the corner of each room (where it can be placed where there are most ants), then the ants will come to move, about a week, the ants will take the boric acid. Solution found, no more ants nest.